Taco Bell Steak Quesadilla
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Taco Bell Steak Quesadilla Recipe

One of the best menu items are Taco Bell are the steak quesadillas. If you are a fan of the Taco Bell steak quesadilla the good news is that you can easily make them right at home. These quesadillas are loaded with sliced steak, cheese, and a spicy sauce. You can prepare the steaks however […]

Crockpot French Dip Sandwiches
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Crockpot French Dip Sandwiches

French dips are one of my favorite savory sandwiches. This recipe for crockpot French dip sandwiches is the best I have ever tried. At first, I was skeptical because of the simple ingredients, however, the recipe proved to be a keeper. If you have a picky eater in your house like we do, you can […]

Beef Jerky in the Air Fryer
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Beef Jerky Recipe Air Fryer

My family loves beef jerky, however, we go through it so fast that we would end up spending a fortune buying it premade at the store. I was super excited to find out that you can make your own beef jerky in the air fryer following this recipe for a fraction of the cost. I […]

Subway Steak and Cheese
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Subway Steak and Cheese Recipe

The steak and cheese sandwich from Subway restaurant is always a good option for dinner but you can make your own at home with a few simple ingredients. This Subway philly cheesesteak style sandwich consists of thinly sliced steak, green peppers, onions, and white American cheese. You will want to toast the sandwich in the […]

BBQ Burger Sliders
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BBQ Burger Sliders

These bbq burger sliders are perfect to serve for the Super Bowl or as an appetizer for a party. In this recipe slider buns are topped with a grilled beef patty, cheese, bbq sauce, pickles, and crispy onion rings. The onion rings are battered and then fried in hot oil until crispy. You can use […]

Wendy's Baconator
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Wendy’s Baconator Recipe

The baconator is the legendary sandwich from Wendy’s restaurant. If you are a fan of this delicious burger you can easily make it right at home. The baconator consists of two beef patties that are stacked and topped with American cheese and bacon. The burger consists of both ketchup and mayonnaise. You can cook the […]

Beef Kofta Kebobs
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Beef Kofta Kebobs Recipe

If you are looking to try a delicious Middle Eastern dish, give this recipe for beef kofta kebobs a try! In this dish ground beef is mixed together with spices and then placed onto skewers and grilled. The kebobs are served with a homemade tzatziki sauce. Some other ingredients you can serve these kebobs with […]

Simple Baked Ziti
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Simple Baked Ziti

This simple baked ziti recipe is easy to make and yet extremely delicious. Baked ziti is perfect for fall and the cooler months of the year. You can have this delicious dish on the table in a little over an hour. Baked ziti is basically ziti pasta that is tossed with a meat sauce and […]

Taco Bell Grilled Steak Soft Taco
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Taco Bell Grilled Steak Soft Taco Recipe

The grilled steak soft taco from Taco Bell is delicious and very easy to make at home. The grilled steak soft taco consists of marinated grilled steak, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, and an avocado ranch sauce on a flour tortilla. The marinade gives the steak a lot of flavor and uses ingredients such as orange […]

Culver's Cheddar Butterburger
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Culver’s Cheddar Butterburger Recipe

The cheddar butterburger from Culver’s restaurant is one of the favorite burgers to eat. I like these burgers so much that I decided to try and make them right at home. This is a copycat recipe for the cheddar butterburger from Culver’s. This burger consists of one or two beef patties topped with cheddar cheese, […]