We are a husband-wife duo with two incredible kids and one feisty Chihuahua living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  We have been a couple for nearly a decade, getting together 12 years after becoming friends in middle school. We married and adopted our pup in 2015, had a daughter in 2017, and gave our princess a brother in 2019. Our life is busy, fun, and a bit crazy!

We have some experience creating and launching food blogs, but decided to start Monster Foodies after a short break from the blog life. Monster Foodies is a culmination of our previous experiences, love for food as well as photography, and passion for sharing recipes. Don’t worry, we will not be writing a book about the ingredients and tastes found in the recipes we post, but we will provide simple, concise recipes consisting of delicious food (along with tantalizing photos).

Ultimately, after much debate, we landed on the name Monster Foodies for our blog after watching (and re-watching) a classic children’s show which has been around since we were kids. Our daughter is obsessed with those furry, lovable monsters, just as we were as children, and we are sure our son will follow suit.  This is our dedication to our children and our unfaltering love for them.

We hope you enjoy our content and hope to inspire you to add some love to your own cooking!